The Mercedes driver pulled out an eight-second lead in three wet laps at the start of the race before switching to dry tyres, and controlled the race from there.

Hamilton even had time to stop for fresh tyres with three laps to go to grab the extra point for fastest lap.

Valtteri Bottas failed in an attempt to pass Red Bull's Max Verstappen for second, giving Hamilton a five-point championship lead over his team after three races.

Verstappen's second place was extraordinary, for he crashed on the laps to the grid and damaged both his front wing and suspension.

The Red Bull mechanics worked wonders to change his left front push-rod on the grid in the time permitted and get him into the race and he then drove a superb race to hold off Bottas at the end.



I intr.irr. (aus. sein)

1 (nach vorn kommen) venire avanti: an das Redepult vorkommen venire avanti sul podio.

2 (zum Vorschein kommen) comparire: hinter dem Vorhang vorkommen comparire da dietro la tenda.

3 (geschehen) accadere, succedere, verificarsi: das kommt äußerst selten vor succede molto raramente.

4 (sich finden) trovarsi, esistere: diese Vögel kommen nur in den Tropen vor questi uccelli si trovano soltanto ai tropici


5 (erscheinen) presentarsi, ricorrere, figurare: dieses Wort kommt oft bei Schiller vor questa parola ricorre spesso in Schiller.

6 (scheinen) sembrare, parere: das kommt mir unwahrscheinlich vor mi sembra improbabile.

II prnl. sich [dat.] vorkommen

credersi, ritenersi

: er kommt sich wunder wie schlau vor chissà quanto si crede furbo.